Lawrence Mott

Principal and Managing Director


Andy Broderick




New Generation Partners, L3C
Above the Bobcat Cafe
5 Main St.
Bristol, Vermont 05443





New Generation Partners is a developer of mid -scale renewable energy projects. Established in Vermont in 2008, we are a mission-driven L3C company that represents an important change in the way renewable energy projects get discussed, planned and implemented. Our guiding principle is collaboration; our mission is to share the power of clean energy.

As a renewable energy developer, New Generation Partners works closely with our partners to define clean energy opportunities and the best approaches to making them a reality. We are at the center of the dialogue, serving as a liaison and coordinator among partners, stakeholders, investors, and contractors. But most important, we are good listeners and smart collaborators.

While most other developers only work with a single technology, New Generation Partners works with all clean technologies—solar, wind, biomass and hydro. Because we understand that a project’s needs and available resources should determine the best technology fit.

To ensure projects provide the greatest financial value, we offer expertise in innovative financial structures, including municipal, public-private partnerships, cooperative, and other models. Often, with these approaches, the result is not only financial benefit, but also reduced risk and broad support.